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You can make a difference, so why don't you?
Aid Someone Out there in Need today, in return you position yourself in a Community where you're also cared for!

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Create an account and join the community of people aiding one another when they need aid by Aiding someone.

2. Get Aided

Whenever you need Aid, request for Aid and someone in the community will be there to help you too

3. Promote Love & Care

Keep showing love and aiding people and always know that the community have your back

Cryptocurrency Accepted as a Payment Option


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?

    We have been on the internet for a while now. We get alot of private messages in our DM on social media with people pleading we aid them financially, we've always loved people and we've always tried our best to help all those we can help. But with the recent Novel Covid 19 that hit in the year 2020, the cry for Aid increased and that was what birthed this platform where people can Give Aid to someone out there in need and in turn when they are in need too they can Request aid knowing there is a Community behind them ready to help too.

  • Its very easy, simply register, activate your membership account to the community(you can skip activation), give aid to someone out there that have requested from the community, then as from 5 Days from then you could request for aid from the community too if you're in need.

  • Yes, there is a designated amount you get for joining in growing the community because the more the merrier!

  • Absolutely! Like we stated from the begining, u4a community was created to 'Aid' people in times of Financial Needs. So you don't have money? don't worry, you can start earning right away starting with nothing. Bring in more people to join the community and earn so much to get you started.

  • We currently support 59+ Banks Across Africa, and we are adding more and more Banks as time goes on. But if you can't find your Bank in the list for now, thats why we added Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc...) which can be used to send and receive payments worldwide.

  • You know what? United4Africa is all about helping humanity, so go right ahead and join us, anyone that needs aid should be given irrespective of their Race. We belive in only one Race and thats the 'Human Race'. If you don't use any of our supported banks go right ahead and use Cryptocurrency.

  • It can take upto 24 to 48 Hours sometimes for the system to get someone who is willing to give aid or request aid, just know that United4Africa is here and no matter what we must accomplish our mission to touch a lot of lives and family in Africa!

  • Ambassadors are Afrinites who have been able to meet some certain qualifications and therefore the community awarded them to represent. Anyone can become an Ambassador, you just have to meet certain requirement which are all stated in your Back Office when you sign up. An Ambassador can choose to help you or not so be polite to them. Issues should not be taken to Ambassadors directly but helplines/support who can now assign an Ambassador depending on how critical the issue is.

  • Star Rating is a concept introduced to make the community fun, interesting and engaging. Learn More about How Star Rating Affects you - Here -

  • If this happens, kindly try to reach the person either by call or sms. Then if after 24 hours it is not resolved, a 'Report Issue Button' will appear in the order box, click on it and it will take you to report ticket. You can either open a ticket or chat with our helpline/support via any of our social media handles and it will be attended to.

  • This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme [GRQS] or an Investment Platform, see it more as a community helping one another in dire times. We are not promising you millions overnight, but you'll surely be Financially Aided by the community when you request for it, that is what this platform was created for.



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