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United4Africa Community is an articulated and peculiar leverage marketing community where africans can come together and assist one another through creating a friendly network

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Our very affordable registration fee makes getting started so easy because we believe in Africa that is Poverty free with good standard of living.

2. Help others get started

We rise by lifting others, share the word to everyone around and help them get started because only through working together can we eradicate poverty!

3. Everyone lives happy

Good nutrition, food security, money in pocket and shelter for everyone, everyone lives happy.



Just Starting With ₦1,000 you could earn so much following Our Simple and well structured 1x3 Marketing Plan with Spillover Enabled.

Cryptocurrency Accepted as a Payment Option


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we?

    We have been on the internet for a while now. We get alot of private messages in our DM on social media with people pleading we aid them financially, we've always loved people and we've always tried our best to help all those we can help. But with the recent Novel Covid 19 that hit in the year 2020, the cry for Aid increased and that was what birthed this platform where people can work together to achieve financial freedom through friendly networking.

  • Its very easy, register and tell your friends about United4Africa and get them to register under you and teach them to do thesame, you complete stages as you get more people and make so much money, food, cars, houses, free vacations and other amazing rewards helping and bring others in.

  • Its very easy to get started, simply contact any of our verified vendors, make payment to get your verification code and apply it during registration.

  • We see no reason why anyone would not invite their friends and family into this wonderful community that can change their financial status but nevertheless you can still earn without sponsoring anyone from spillover referrals from your uplines or downlines. The more the merrier.

  • Make sure you get their details from our website, we won't be held responsible if you pay to anyone not listed in our vendor page.

  • You know what? United4Africa is all about helping humanity, so go right ahead and join us, anyone that needs aid should be given irrespective of their Race. We belive in only one Race and thats the 'Human Race'. If you don't use any of our supported banks go right ahead and use Cryptocurrency to make payment and also in receiving your reward.

  • If you request your reward in Cash you'll receive it in less than 24 hours of making that withdrawal but Request in Goods depends on your location (You can either pick it up yourself from any of our outlet close to you or you request for it through a delivery service).

  • Resellers are basically team leaders who buy verification codes from United4Africa Verified Vendors and resell to their team members but ensure you know whoever is claiming to be a reseller and beware of scammers, deal cautiosly and if you don't know them personally then contact a verified vendor listed on our verifeid vendors page instead.

  • This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme [GRQS] or an Investment Platform, see it more as a community helping one another in dire times. We are not promising you millions overnight, but you'll surely be Financially Free if you work smart and follow the plan, that is what this platform was created for.



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